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Body Fat Test - Mobile Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing

Chip & Lynn Sweatte

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Lynn is a graduate of the University of North Georgia and holds a bachelor’s degree in Education and a Master’s degree in Mathematics. Lynn is married to Chip and together they spent over 21 years in the Military. During this time, Lynn taught at every grade level in the school system. When Lynn was not teaching in the schools, she was an Instructor at the Army’s Command and General Staff College. In 2001 Chip retired and they moved home to Dawsonville, Georgia, where Lynn continued teaching. In 2013 Chip and Lynn opened Dawson Crossfit. Lynn coordinated with Mr. Bali Patel, previous owner of Atlanta Body Fat Test, to purchase a portion of his territory to start North Georgia Body Fat Testing. North Georgia Body Fat Test has since grown from one truck, one operator and the North Georgia territory to a multi-state business that includes three trucks, four Clinicians and the territories of Northern Alabama, Central Tennessee, Western Kentucky, South Carolina and all of Georgia. Everything we do is by the grace of God. We are blessed to have the opportunity to provide our services.

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